Illinois Craft Brewers Guild

We Are the Guild.

We love craft beer. We love people. We love bringing those things together.


Simply put? We are all about promoting, educating and legislating. We love beer, we want to teach others about it, and we want people to enjoy it responsibly.


The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of the craft beer industry in Illinois. Its efforts are focused on the following areas:

LEGISLATIVE/REGULATORY To allow the Guild a voice in addressing all issues, governmental or other, which affect the regulation of our industry.

EDUCATION To provide opportunities for its members to further their brewing knowledge and to educate the consumer about the benefits and varieties of craft beer, and to encourage responsible, moderate consumption.

PROMOTION To promote its members and their products to other brewers, suppliers, legislators, tourists and the general public.