Wiseacre Tap Takeover!

Thu, May 22nd 6:00pm Tap Takeover Haymarket Pub & Brewery

Davin Bartosch returns to Chicago!! We'll have several brews on tap from his new brewery, Wiseacre, in Memphis TN.

Tap List

  1. Ananda IPA Wheat IPA with a big ol load of Cascade and Centennial. 6.2%
  2. Tiny Bomb American Pilsner The pride of Wiseacre. Zippy pilsner with loads of american hops. 4.2%
  3. Kerfluffle Oatmeal Stout Stout made with oats. Silky sheets. 5.3%
  4. Spielothek Rye Bock Slight bock with 33% rye malt. Spicy low gravity bock. 4.2%
  5. Unicornucopia Saison with Blueberries & grains of paradise
    The beer of your dreams. Organic wild blueberries and spicy peppery saison accented with Grains of Paradise. Mystical rowdy southern horned equine. 8.3%
  6. Quaddle Duck ISA
    ISA with a ridiculous amount of experimental hops, the ones you all love, they are a bunch of numbers so you know they are good. 4.4%abv
  7. Snowbeard American Barleywine
    Back from the winter. The beard rarely shows himself in the warmer months. He burns easily. A continental barleywine. 10%
  8. Azazel Belgian Strong Golden with blood orange
    Azazel holds to the traditional naming of this to the devil or demons due to its deceptive nature – its high ABV, but golden hue, champagne like bubbles, and yeast driven phenolic notes make it seem like a beer suitable for post lawn mowing! We microplaned some blood orange rind to add post fermentation to give a final citrus zing to Azazel. Enjoy...but don't be deceived 10%
  9. Schweinhelmüt Berliner Weisse
    Schweinhelmüt is a sour wheat beer with history in Northern Germany back to the 16th century. By the 19th century, Berliner Weisse was the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin & now we get to enjoy this beverage Napoleon dubbed "The Champage of the North" here in the durty South. Our interpretation is fizzy & tart with a lemony kick.
  10. Neon Brown American Brown Ale
    A Delta dry hopped brown ale with brown sugar and oatmeal. 6%
  11. Dr.Gibbler Smoked Helles
    While in Bamberg, Germany for brewing school, it was apparent that an old frontier of brewing was rarely crossed in the states - Smoked beer. This clean, crisp, straw colored and amazingly clear version harkens to a time when all malt had to be dried by way of open fires instead of large industrial ovens. More smoked beer must be made, and made in the world’s other smoke capital of Memphis, TN.
  12. Try Double IPA
    Haymarket and Wiseacre made a beer together. We tried Simcoe and Citra. 8.5%ABV and 93 Billion IBUs.
  13. Gotta Get Up to Get Down Coffee Milk Stout
    Enormous amount of Metropolis coffee straightens out the milk stout. 5.5%
  14. Off in Space Imperial Stout

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