Fri, May 16th 7:00pm to 9:00pm Beer Dinner Star Lounge Coffee Bar

May 16th! Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

Hold on to your hats for the second-annual Harvesting of the Magical Beast! It’s…


Only once a year does the mystical creature from days of yore make the earthly descent from its celestial throne! Join us at Star Lounge Coffee Bar for your only 2014 opportunity to drink of its tears! To feast on its loins!! To bathe in its blood!!!

Pipeworks Brewing Co., CO-OP Sauce, and Big Fork Bacon Sausage join to form a Triumvirate for the ages!

Upon the slaying of the one-horned equine, Pipeworks will pair four of their Monstrous Brews with a delectable Four-Course Feast worthy only of the noblest warrior, prepared by the wizards of CO-OP and Big Fork.

Not ever in the history of the world, ever, never ever at all, has there been so great a harvest reaped from the flesh of this magical and peace-loving animal. Nor has is ever ever ever tasted so good.

Gather! Feast!! Drink!!!

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