Wine & Beer Blending Class

Wed, May 21st 7:00pm to 9:00pm Beer Tasting City Winery

Beer and wine lovers, unite! Join us for a very special evening in which City Winery Chicago teams up with local Chicago brew rockstars, Ale Syndicate. Prepare for a night of education, fun, and delicious fermented beverages. City Winery totally embraces the it takes loads of good beer (consumed) to craft good wine.

Our tasting party consists of experiments blending wine and with beer. Together. In the same vessel. And then drinking it. We will be making brew history when we actually blend our City Winery tap wines with various Ale Syndicate brews.

The process of blending is an absolutely integral practice in winemaking. In fact, blending can be one of the most creative and challenging aspects of being a winemaker. It’s not simply putting different grapes, barrels, or tanks of wine together, but exercising one’s skill in flavor enhancement and balance. Ever heard of Champagne or Chianti? Of course you have! Some of the most famous wines from around the globe are blends of various grapes, and nearly every wine is a blend of vineyards or vessels to achieve the best expression of the final wine.

In beer, a similar yet different process occurs. Blending has been around for years. In the distant past, old beers were blended with new to help make them drinkable, smoothing over sourness from spoilage and harshness from oxidation. Today, blending actually has many advantages, including creating experimental brews that didn’t come out as expected or making a mash up of unorthodox flavor profiles, finishes, and hop character to express a new style. It can breathe new life into old ales or barleywines, as well.

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